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Online Italian classes ~Transfer Credit

Description:  The Italian Online ~ Worldwide ~ group classes are offered through  UCLA Extension and can be taken for credit (4 units) or non-credit, from wherever you are XL 1, 2 and 3 Italian courses are equivalent to regular UCLA undergraduate courses and are transferable  for unit/credit toward Bachelor's Degrees at your Institution. Please check with the institution you plan to attend. Contact Instructor

This Italian online classes is student centered and conversational. 

Recorded video lectures are paired with reading and writing activities. They stress weekly interaction and communication through the discussion board between students.

There are also audio-video exercises, which are comprised of listening to dialogues and Italian songs. We also watch Italian videos and short clips of Italian movies, which emphasize Italian culture and serve as our point of discussion during our weekly activities.

Our synchronous classes are the students time and opportunity to practice their Italian with interactive activities such as conversations and simulation of real life situations. This allows them to test their skills and monitor their own progress. Authentic and relevant materials make each lesson more interesting and motivating.

Instructor's bio

Dora Bonaventura achieved a Bachelors from the Istituto Universitario in Scienze Motorie of Rome and a Masters in Italian from the Universita per Stranieri di Siena. 

From Rome, Italy, she moved to the USA in 2002 where she has conducted adult Italian classes at all levels in a Community College and private tutoring sessions for teens and adults.

Having spent most of her life in Italy she presents the Italian language of real life as she naturally integrates current Italian lifestyle and culture into language instruction.

After teaching Italian in classroom for eight years at Eastern Florida State College, she currently teaches  Italian Online at University of California, UCLA Extension, UCR Extension and for the US AirForce Language Enabled programShe is enthusiastic about sharing her native language and culture with her students and she makes each class effective and enjoyable.


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