Italian studies

Italian classes ~Dora Bonaventura, MA
UC Italian Online classes - transferable credit
In person classes in the Coachella Valley, CA

Online web-conference Italian class for adults

All levels~ Individual or small groups: 

Each session includes online conversation, grammar and reading. Great for distance tutoring to improve your understanding, pronunciation and oral communication skills and to learn more about the Italian lifestyle and culture. This class is scheduled by appointment. No extra material is required.

Please note: cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment.

Online classes take place via Skype or other Online Platforms depending on your need. No extra cost for the use of the platfoms is required.

Make sure that you have:

- 1. a headset (or computer microphone and speakers) and webcam (lessons are live, you need to speak to the teacher)

- 2. a fast interrnet connection (no modem dial-ups).

To schedule your classes: 1 contact your instructor to make an appointment  2. register (you can add the number of classes you want).

Duration: one hour, 1 class $50.00, 2 persons $30, 3+persons $20.00